The Orchard Cycle

When the apple trees are resting under a blanket of snow, the dormant season, it is the time for pruning. Pruning encourages fruitful branches and removes undesirable branches. Each tree is pruned every year.


Blossom time is around the third week of May. This is when honey bees that we keep in hives and wild bees do their important job of pollination.  Pollen must be moved from flowers of one variety to another for apples to grow. Every apple begins as a flower.


Throughout the summer, different fertilizers and sprays are applied to the orchard when needed so the fruit will be pleasing and the apple trees healthy. Insect traps and other pest monitoring technique are used to know when certain pests are present in the orchard. This is called Integrated Pest Management "IPM" and it helps the farmer use less spray.


Harvest time is a busy time! Each variety of apple ripens at a certain time. When it is picking time, come see us! Apples are picked by holding the apple in the palm of the hand and lifting up with a twist. Never pull down on the apple. This will break off twigs which will remove next year's fruit. 


Apples are pretty to look at and they are good for you. Think about what happens in the orchard the next time you enjoy a juicy apple.