Apple Growing FAQ

Where can I buy apple trees? This is a Maine company that sells a variety of quality fruit trees, berries, shrubs and other plant stock. Cummins is a New York nursery that sells good quality apple trees and rootstock. They have volume pricing for larger orders. Wafler Nursery is located in New York along Lake Ontario. They sell a wide variety of apple varieties. Tree quality is very good and we have bought most of our new trees from them in recent years.

How do I prune my apple tree?

Pruning Basics and Demo An excellent primer on pruning basics with two good demo videos.

Renovating Old Apple Trees A good pruning basics focusing on trees that have not been pruned in years. It includes two good pruning videos.

What should I spray my apple tree with?

University of Maine Apple Pest Management - IPM This will link you to the University of Maine apple extension pest management site. It is more for commercial growers, but has a lot of good info that would be of interest to the home orchardist too.

Home Orchard Spray Program This publication covers pest management for the home orchardist and includes pest info and a spray schedule.

Home Apple Orchard Pest Management This University of Maine link covers basic apple pest management considerations. Other links from this page may be helpful.

What pest is that on my apple tree?

Home Orchard Pest Management Guide This University of Maine fact sheet covers most of the orchard pests that we have here in Maine.

How should I care for my new apple tree?

Planting and Early Care of Fruit Trees This is an excellent publication on getting started. The author, Dr. Schupp, helped us get started with our orchard.