Our Farm

We feel truly blessed to be working this apple orchard. We are located at the former farm of Harry and Minnie Whitney on the North Chester Road in Chester. This is ideal orchard land because of the excellent soil and sloping terrain.

 Our house was built in 1886 and sits on a foundation of field stones.

 The first apple trees were planted in 1989 by Allen and Jane. More were planted during the following five springs. We still plant several dozen apple trees each spring as replacements and to try new varieties. Today we have about 1300 dwarf and semi-dwarf apple trees growing on 6 acres. Our primary varieties are McIntosh and Cortland, the hardy New England favorites. We also grow Paula Red, Zestar!, Ginger Gold, Honeycrisp, Wealthy, Sweet 16, Pioneer, Liberty and Macoun. It takes about four years of growth and careful tending before young apple trees will bear their first fruit. We also grow pumpkins as well as raise bees to pollinate our crops and for honey.

 The apple trees in the picture to the right are newly planted Zestar! on semi-dwarf rootstock. Note the irrigation tubing on the ground. During very dry weather all of our trees can receive a boost of water.