North Chester Orchard

Allen & Jane LeBrun 
Chester, Maine
Our six acre orchard overlooking the Penobscot River provides u-pick apples and pumpkins in a most beautiful setting. Come and enjoy a fall outing at our orchard.  
Orchard News (updated 11/3/16)
Apple picking is closed for the season. We give thanks to God, our dear customers and Ellen, Robyn and Cindy for making this fall's harvest so blessed. God bless you all until next season.

This picture of the lower orchard shows the apple leaves changing yellow. As the trees "harden off" and prepare for winter, nutrients will move down into the roots and other changes in the tree will take place. Apples are a fruit of the temperate region of the world and can withstand temperatures of -30 to -40 degrees F. when fully hardened off.