North Chester Orchard
Allen & Jane LeBrun 
Chester, Maine
Our six acre orchard overlooking the Penobscot River provides u-pick apples and pumpkins in a most beautiful setting. Come and enjoy a fall outing at our orchard.  
Orchard News
North Chester Orchard will only sell u-pick apples this Fall - Due to the physical strain of 25 years of harvesting apples (each box weighs 40 lbs.), and the great demand for u-pick, we have decided to offer only u-pick apples this fall. The apple stand will not have prepicked apples. We are sorry for any difficulty that this may cause some of our customers.

Varieties Available for Picking:
    Paula Reds and Zestars!
    Macs on Saturday 9/13
    Sunday to Friday: Noon to 5:00
    Saturday: 9:00 to 5:00
    Small bag (holds about 9 lbs.) - $6.00
    Large bag (holds about 15 lbs.) - $9.00
    We do not weigh them.
Pumpkins: We have a nice pumpkin patch where you can pick any pumpkin for $3.00.
Sunshine Squash  will be available at the apple house at $.75/lb.



 Pumpkins ripening in the pumpkin patch. Photo taken on 8/29/14.

Paula Red apples ripening. Photo taken 8/29/14.